- now 100% more mobile friendly

Oh yeah, since last Friday I’m a proud smartphone owner. You might even ask what took me so long and you’d be quite right. Well, I considered that I don’t really need a smartphone since 80% of the day I’m sitting in front of the computer but I sort of got the gadget lust after Ioana bought herself a Samsung Galaxy S. She got hers on Tuesday and Friday I had mine. Go figure… I just sat there Thursday night and decided it’s way too nice and good value for the money and that I need one.

Since then I’ve been playing with it constantly, installing and trying out apps, browsing and checking out everything. Proper gadget fever, I haz it.

While browsing around I noticed that some blogs display truly nicely and well optimized for mobile reading. Half of these sites were hosted on Tumblr which seems to auto apply a mobile optimized theme whenever you visit using a mobile browser, and the other half were Wordpress powered blogs using the wptouch plugin / theme.

So I went ahead and installed the same plugin here on my blog so you’ll be able to enjoy the two posts I’ll post this year from your mobile.

And, to be really stylish I posted this present entry using the official Wordpress app for Android.

My first mountainbike marathon

Yes, it’s happening today. And even if I’m participating driven by the motto: “somebody has to be last” wish me luck. We’re (Ioana and me) both going for the 30 km track which should be easy enough and I even borrowed a full biker costume which fits me perfectly. So I’m all set up. Now I only have to finish 30 km in less than four hours. :-)

Update: 9 of 60 and something participants on the 30 km track. A bit better than I expected. :-)

Best piece of hardware, ever

M-Audio FireWire Audiophile Control Panel Screenshot

M-Audio FireWire Audiophile - bought second hand back in 2006, still rocking my ears finely.

Baia Sprie seen from a paraglider

I think the following are the two most awesome photos of my hometown:

Baia Sprie seen from a paraglider #1

Baia Sprie seen from a paraglider #2

Especially this second one, as it features the house where I spent 25 years of my life (give or take the first 6 years when I lived in a flat).

Shamelessly stolen from here and here. All copyright and my thanks for the effort should go to Claudiu Banc.

Bonus! The Blue Lake as seen from above. Here’s my shot of the same lake from ground level.

Mountain Dew JibStars 2010

Or, what’s been keeping Ioana busy these days:


I think it turned out quite good for her first video editing effort.