Keynote frenzy passed

I missed the first hour or so because despite my morning promise I went to a bar to watch that total EPIC FAIL of a match between Romania and France. Boooring. But it seems I haven’t lost anything of the keynote. It was mostly iPhone application demos and MobileMe which is $99 for a year. No thanks!

Only after I got home Steve broke the news everyone was waiting for. And the conclusion is… I’m starting to want one. A 3G iPhone that is. $199 globally? That’s awfully nice of them! But I think in Romania it’ll still sell at around $450… I’ll believe the 200 bucks when I’ll see it.

I’ll wait for Google Maps to include Romania first! Now with the integrated GPS it makes even more sense. Come on Google!

Update: Actually MobileMe doesn’t look that bad. I’ll have a trial, please. As soon as it’ll be available.

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