Keeping up with the times

Yep, I finally migrated this blog to WordPress.

I’m saying finally because this should have happened a good few years ago, when Wordpress started to get largely adopted by bloggers around the web or at least later when I started to get fed up with the sluggishness of Movable Type. But I never came around doing it because of the lack of time and partly because MT had it’s own special PERL-ish flavor plus I liked certain aspects of the admin interface. And I was sort of against the tide with my decision to stick to MT, since I earn a living by writing PHP code while I have next to no experience with PERL - so hacking WordPress should be easy while tempering with Six Apart’s product was next to impossible.

Unfortunately, my 6 year old, tweaked to high heavens template which I liked so much died in the upgrade process. But never fear, actually finding the theme that you’re probably looking at (except if you’re reading this in an RSS reader and are lazy to click through) was what prompted me to finally make the switch. Because it looks sooo-sooo sleek. After a few tweaks, making it able to display my posts that contain 500 pixel wide photos, it was ready to go live.

I also solved the permalink problems by following the relevant guide from the ever handy WordPress Codex. I know from a previous experience that it doesn’t take Google long to reindex my stuff but I also needed the redirect script for the sake of those who linked to my articles from other sites. Yep, this includes myself. And yes, the geek speaks out, I like the WordPress style permalinks a lot more.

Well, much tweaking ahead, but here we go… Go go Wordpress! :)

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