Goodbye MySpace account

I deleted my MySpace account today. (Notice how funny “my MySpace” sounds?)

The reason? Way too many e-mail notifications announcing friend requests from random “friend collector” people… I just felt guilty to press the Deny button so many times. Anyway for me MySpace was only useful from one point of view: finding new releases from my favorite artists (which were all my “friends”). But I haven’t had much time to look around lately and I’m not really in the mood to discover new music nowadays (I mostly listen to web radio when I want to entertain myself) so I put things in balance and decided it’ll be better for me to just let go.

And since I were at it I followed the example Ioana set a few days ago and deleted my Netlog account too. They haven’t lost much, I was logging in once every 6 months anyway. But at least Netlog canceled my account instantaneously whereas over at MySpace I had to click the ‘Cancel my account’ button 3 times and also had to click a link that arrived by e-mail just to arrive to a page that said that my account cancellation request has been recorded and they will delete it in the next 48 hours. Hah, as a web developer I know that this “we’ll do it in 48 hours” thing is such a huge bull, but I think it saves lots of teenager accounts from getting “accidentally” deleted. You know, you’re disappointed in love, come home, wipe your account, sleep a good one and then realize life is still worth living. So you uncancel your account first thing next morning.

As little as I’ve used it but I still noted that Netlog is heaps better than hi5 but as hi5 is Romania’s national adopted relig… social network I really have no choice. Everyone’s on it and so am I. And Facebook is hip, although I wish there was a way to set that I’m not interested in event invitations. Hmmm, maybe there’s an option and I should really uncheck it as I get a considerable amount of spam inviting me to various Bucharest based events. And I’m not interested to install that new Mega Atomic Poke application either. Actually speaking about applications reminds me that I have to go feed and caress my pet Gruber in Pet Society

Many say social networks are a huge waste of time, and they speak the truth, but hey, what’s not these days? Cough, blogs, cough? :)

And as a conclusion here’s a related video, well worth watching:


Now add me as friend damn it!

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