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  • I read this post twice and didn’t understand much :) But it looks you are passionate on what you are doing. I didn’t succeed in trying Analytics because google stoped from registering us the mortals. I’ll wait….:(

  • Well, you shouldn’t have bothered. Actually I post these kind of entries because sometimes I read my blog backwards and I like to find these milestones to see how things “evolved” around here.
    Sorry about Analytics. I jumped on the bandwagon right during it’s first day, before the Google guys realized that the service’s huge success could ruin it’s performance. That’s how I got my paws on the account. For a while I couldn’t create any new profiles (you can analyze the trafic of several sites using the same account – these are the profiles), now they raised the limit to 5. I’m sure that in a short while they’ll open signups again. Just wait patiently. And subscribe to digg’s feed or create an RSS alert to be among the first ones who jump on the second bandwagon. :-)