Yesterday evening, walking Ioana (as in, Ioana my lovely girlfriend) from my place to her’s we were talking technical stuff and I found out that she’s got an “internal” e-mail address at the bank where she got hired not so long ago, right after finishing her university. “Internal?” I ask. She supposed it is internal but then she tells me that her workmate watches funny videos almost each day. OK, I was convinced, it’s not internal.

So today the mad mail exchanging started. Mails and pictures going, comments coming… I hope her productivity will not plunge drastically and that the mail exchange will not turn out to be problem (because I’m sure that each and every mail I send her ends up in at least one other inbox as well - it’s a bank after all) but still I’m glancing at my mail notification utility each 30 seconds or so. I think I’ll just configure it with some smooth notification sound. Right away.

UPDATE I received a new e-mail! Hehehe. ;-)

The short ones

The main page is empty again and I feel guilty about not posting again. So I might as well write something. But in fact there’s not much happening and that’s the main reason why there are no posts. But some small things still go on and I’ll write them down.

I started playing Neverwinter Nights online and it’s a major time eater. I saw Garfield and I liked it but I turned off my brain before sitting down to see it, and I did well because the story is for kids, I mean really small kids, with Garfield stopping trains and such but the computer generated Garfield is very - very nicely done and Bill Murray’s voice acting is right on the spot. Nice movie if you like cats. And I saw 5 Garfield comic books in the library - a must buy.

In the blogworld: Lucian made himself a blog then he made up his mind and unmade it (I’m still full of questions but oh well), Deea moved a lot closer to her favorite site and Kit posted an entry with a link to some hillarious pics with dogs fetching frisbees mid-air.

Oh, and yesterday night I saw The Girl Next Door which was surely one of the most entertaining movies I saw lately. It starts out just like any other other boring teenager movie but then it takes a crazy turn and from that moment on it’s like a crazy rollercoaster ride. Had me laughing out loud a good few times.

And there’s the whole RDS story but I’ll post a separate entry about that.

4 more Gmail invites

I’m with Dragos on this one. There are way too many incoming invites, everybody is giving them away on blogs and forums so I guess he’s right, the service will probably go public soon.

Ah, in case you’re interested I have four more invites. Just drop a comment if you need one. Note that there’s no need to post a comment twice. The comments on my blog are moderated so they will not appear on the site right as you post them but only after I approve them. Comment spam was irritating and I picked this solution to eliminate it. Completely.

Palit Daytona Geforce 4 Ti 4200 (2002 - 2004)

Palit Daytona Geforce 4 Ti 4200

A moment of silence please. Thank you.

It all started when I entered Unreal Tournament 2004 one hot summer day and the textures and objects got strangely corrupted after playing the game for a really short time. I suspected a driver problem so I rolled the drivers back and forth but with no real results. I didn’t fire up UT2004 afterwards but then the errors came back while playing Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic. And then when I finally got Doom 3 and eagerly installed it, it turned out it was practically unplayable. I suspected the overheating was caused by the original cooler on the card which was of particularly bad quality and besides it was filled with dust. But absolutely no improvement was detectable even after I cleaned the cooler and greased the fan. So yesterday I bought the Titan cooler kit which I installed with great care genuinely hoping that it will solve the problem since the copper cooler is really massive. Unfortunately it wasn’t the case.

A typical Doom 3 session went like this: I started up the game, but sometimes even while in the menu the planet got distorted, strange spikes appearing everywhere (basically the planet object was corrupted). Sometimes it locked up right in the menu sometimes it locked up in the game and this lockup means that for a while the whole system seems blocked but then control comes back after a while but there are no textures in the game. Basically I move around some black objects… So playing Doom 3 was a no-go.

So today I took it out once again, the 1 millionth time I guess, and I discovered the source of the bad. Some components at the edge of the card look fried and that’s where the card is the hottest. I think something went really wrong in the heat of this summer. That’s the only plausible reason I can come up with because I never overclocked the card or did other stuff that could’ve damaged it this way.

Unfortunately now even my Windows desktop is getting messed up, strange errors appearing everywhere, so I guess it’s time to say goodbye and shut down until I figure out where to get the money for a new video card. :-(

Update OK, it’s not so bad after all but I’m rather stupid. Turns out the corrupted desktop was the result of not connecting the fan to the mainboard…

You know you've been...

A bus riding through a town in Transport Tycoon … playing way too much Transport Tycoon when just seeing a screenshot makes you right click and drag the mouse to see the rest of the map. As it happened a few days ago. But now seriously, this game puts an incredible spell on me, like no other game does. For example yesterday I fired it up just “to see something” at about 2 PM and there I was seeing my Windows desktop again at 8 PM and wondering just where did the day went?

The game is undoubtedly a masterpiece, and many say that nothing this great was ever created again. This is well confirmed by the huge fanbase and the fact that there are two patches for the game that allow it to be played on modern systems. I haven’t really used the TTDPatch (I may have tried it a while ago but I’m not really sure about that), I mostly played OpenTTD which is not a patch in fact but a complete open source rewrite of the game.

I hope I won’t click the shortcut today because this way my productivity will reach zero in a rather short time.