Well, here I am. Blogging.

Starting off the I-REALLY-DONT-KNOW-TH time.

I hope this will be a more persistent blogging experience since my previous ones ended quite abruptly. Anyway my last blog ended too fast because my Internet connection was suddenly cut. I mean I had some troubles because my phone line by that time was an antique one, meaning that my family’s phone line was locked together with one of a neighbour’s, and all the dial-up costs showed up on his bill.

Pretty funny actually. From my point of view of course… And so to avoid more trouble I couldn’t connect any more from home and I just can’t blog from Internet cafés.

Too bad. Because re-reading that blog brings up nice memories. And I actually love writing journals because of this. Because they help dig up things that you’d think you’ve forgotten a long long time ago. Actually all is there. Locked safely. And a journal makes it all pop out of the haze. And it’s nice. I guess I love living on memories…

Well, enough intro. Here I am. Posting again…

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