What a weird day

It started at around 2PM. That’s when I woke up. After staying up until around 5 in the morning. I got up. Sat down in front of the computer and actually worked a little on version two of resurseweb.net. [ UPDATE Resurseweb.net doesn’t exist anymore. The domain is now owned by some porn site. ]

I received a call from a guy. He reminded me that we set a meeting for today to shoot some pics for the local newspaper. I met him at around 5’o clock. And I took some pics of the local karate team. And then we went to a family. Except the mother they were all (father, son, daughter) winners at ski competitions (local of course). I took the pics. Drank a little wine. Then we came to my house. Wrote the pics onto a CD. I was such in a good mood that I called a friend to go out somewhere. Actually I was such in a good mood that I knew something bad will happen… And then, the mistakes started.

I looked at my digital camera and thought: “hey, let’s get that” (mistake #1). So I took it with me. Without it’s case (mistake #2). At my friend’s house I put it in my shirt’s pocket (mistake #3). On the street I saw two dogs. One chasing another. And they reached a place out of my sight of view where they started fighting. So I made three jumps. To see something of the fight (fourth and final mistake).

Just as the thougt passed my mind I listened horrified to the sound of my camera crashing on the concrete…


Fortunately nothing functional broke. But the outside (mostly the corners) got scratched badly. I’ll never succeed selling it that’s one sure thing. :-(

Well… This is it.

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