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I noticed that lately I started preferring desktop feed readers to web based ones.

First I discovered that FeedDemon is nowadays free. Then I discovered that NetNewsWire is also free nowadays. Then I discovered that since they’re owned by the same company they’re able to synchronize via NewsGator which provides NewsGator Online - a basic web based aggregator. What else would I need? I quickly imported all my Bloglines (the first web based service I used way back) feeds into FeedDemon and later merged them with the OPML exported from Google Reader (the one I’ve been using until recently) in NetNewsWire and BAM! Here I am, in geek heaven. Truth to be told, NetNewsWire crashed several times because I was rushing to organize my feeds while they were still downloading but after I managed to fit each one into the folder it belonged to now everything is OK.

So excuse me while I’m pounding away on the space bar catching up with all my favorite blogs, reads, comics and photos. See you all later.

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