The automotive pleasures of life

Hey, I have to share this.

I just LOVE driving up to my parents house in Baia Sprie after work. I like being alone in the car with my music and my thoughts. I just hope I won’t smash into something or someone as a result of being too absorbed. But I generally like driving. A LOT. And I’m not having these driving sessions just for the sake of driving, I usually do the 2 by 10 kilometers to pick up something I received by mail. As I still list my Baia Sprie address although I live in Baia Mare since 2004…

Of course I also have the “pick up Ioana after work by car” driving session each day. But that’s not half as fun because I have to cross a really cramped town at around 6 PM. Unfortunately the stress that results from taking care that wreckless idiots won’t hit our beloved little car takes away the joy of it.

Next week is looking good from this driving point of view as we’re going on a short holiday to Balea and that means crossing half of the country by car. And back. Hmmm, I’m off to write some mix CDs and praise my friskyRadio subscription.

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