All WAS well in Spamland

Just a few weeks ago I was bragging about how spamless my blog was. Seriously, MT-Keystrokes kept everything miraculously clean, in the 3 years since I installed it I received a total of maybe 5 spam comment notification e-mails. These were the results of uber-hardcore spammers who actually took the time to copy paste their spam comments into the text area and then press the ‘Post’ button instead of doing what thousands of other “Average Joe” spammers do, setting up some bot to spam away or worse, having hundreds of zombie PCs do the dirty work instead of them.

I’m saying that all was well because I had to delete my old plug-ins when I installed the new version of Movable Type that now powers the blog and so, unfortunately MT-Keystrokes had to go as well. And I’m sad to report that only today my blog received around 10 spam comments and even if I saw in MT’s activity log that many comments were denied because they were coming from open proxies and even if I’ve been diligently reporting the ones that got through as spam I’m still not content with the situation. Not by far.

So I’m off to hunt down some efficient anti-spam plug-ins.

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