Biking around the town

Finally some activity today! I mean physical activity, because since the snow went away I haven’t done anything that required muscles and actual physical effort.

Ioana had a great ideea today: she pulled out two bikes (her’s and her brother’s) from the shed, we blew off the dust that gathered on them over the years, pumped some air into the wheels and off we went! First we cut through the streets around her house, then we rode around the park, paused, rode some more around the park and then we headed back home. After getting off I felt like in the good days back in the winter: tired but great, feeling that I’ve accomplished something.

This brings me to a question I wanted to ask here on the blog: what do you recommend? What should a snowboard enthusiast do during the summer? There are a few options that came through my mind: rollerblading (never tried it), skateboarding (I think I’m a bit too old to start breaking my bones on the concrete) or biking (yes! - but I should invest in a shiny new bike). For the moment I think I’ll stick with biking (on the borrowed bike) but does anyone have any other ideeas?

Don’t hesitate: shoot me a comment!

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