A bit depressed

Yesterday I met with some ex-collegues from the company I worked at during the year of 2001 and I realized that everybody is in a better financial state than I am currently. I can only blame myself for this because I attached myself professionaly to a certain person far too long even if I knew that it was a dead end partnership. But at least I got out of it a month or so ago, marking the end of my so called freelancing era and considerably reducing my monthly income. Almost to the limit I could say.

I haven’t made any long term plans (how characteristic) so the future is quite uncertain now but for the moment I’ll be staying at SoftZone. It’s really nice there (I’m drooling over my 17” LCD each and every day) and besides it leaves me a bit of spare time which I’m using to focus on my more or less personal projects. Expecting something good to emerge.

Until then I’ll just continue playing that familiar game called “surviving those damn monthly payments”.

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