Living with mad men

If anyone could trace or knows the forum where this guy initially posted these memories (in Romanian) and would share the URL with me I would be sooo glad! Basically it’s a 34 page MS Word document with recollections about sharing an appartment with a mad man. And when I say ‘mad’ I mean proper mad, with the “red stripe” and everything. The author has a really nice writing style that reminds me of, well, Ion Creanga and reading the .doc entertained me for almost a whole afternoon. I Googled text parts and everything but found nothing and I’m intrigued because maybe he posted new chapters as in the last message / chapter he says something about the year’s end…

I found the .doc browsing the RLUG’s (Romanian Linux Users Group) humor list archives.

UPDATE Thanks to Vlad (Bits of Reality) I now have the URL of the original forum thread where the stories contained in the .doc were posted and so I can keep an eye out for any new “episodes”. Muchos gracias!

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