The day I traveled the most...

… was yesterday. It might look small from a world travelers’s perspective but for me it surely was a lot. During the night and early morning I traveled from Baia Mare to Bucharest and fortunately I was able to catch a good sleep so it didn’t wear me off at all. So I arrived to Bucharest at 8:30, went to the airport, said good bye to my guest, went back to the train station (Gara de Nord is a nice place, not!), McDonald’s once (icecream), some hours of waiting while listening among others to IT Conversations’ interview with Six Apart’s Ben and Mena Trott, McDonald’s twice (milkshake), then finally boarded the train to Timisoara.

And it was a very nice ride except the fact that one of my teeth started messing around and the left side of my face swell up slowly and beautifully. It was inconvenient but the countryside I saw starting around Drobeta Turnu-Severin was wonderful. I took lots of pictures hanging out the train’s window so I can admire the Danube and Portile de Fier at home along with the calcarous wonder mountains around Baile Herculane. And as I was taking photos of nearly everything outside there was an older mountain lover guy on the train (I could guess he was a mountain lover by looking at his hiking boots and comfy pants) who noticed my interest and started telling me the names plus additional infos about each peak and sight we saw in the distance. It was surely entertaining and time passed a lot quicker.

And so I arrived to Timisoara where I met my girlfriend and we’re getting ready for tonight when it’s time to party! I hope the antibiotics will help reduce that damn swelling which I see reflected in my friend’s 21 inch monitor in front of which I’m typing this.

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