The really small one

My cute kitten!

OK, if Kit (the guy who usually posts hardcore branding and advertising rants) posted this, I think I’m allowed post this. :-)

The fact is that there were lots of small animals born lately in my parents house (and for the moment my house too). Mmm, not really lots but two puppies and three small kittens. Unfortunately we had to throw away two of the kittens because they had no future owners and we already have 3 cats and, no, we don’t intend to start a farm. My Mum is the usual killer, so now PETA has a new target. I know that sterilization would be a lot less cruel but that costs money and you know…

But let’s forget these dark thoughts for a moment and let’s look at the photo. I mean how can something be so damn cute!? I swear that if I could I’d keep it in my hands all the day. But it’s mother hardly protests against this. And what’s even more curious, how can such a cute thing evolve in something so gratious as shown in Kit’s photo?

Well, les connaisseurs call these ‘feline mysteries’! :-)

(I think this was the last relaxed post before the second part of the ‘End of May’ craze starts.)

UPDATE Here’s a bigger version of Kit’s photo.

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