Cabled headaches

So, last Wednesday I moved into my new appartment. And waited for two days for the permanent Internet connection. As it turned out I gave the guys from the cable company a wrong phone number and they tried to call me early on Monday but to no avail. I still don’t know how I was able to do this. Anyway I got cable installed on Friday.

And I immediately realized that I went for the wrong subscription plan. I mean 128 kbps is cool, really cool in fact, but 1.5 gigabytes of traffic per month is nothing! Nothing. Let’s think about it for a moment: if I download 100 megs a day it’s barely enough for 15 days. Half a month! And you can download 100 megs on 128 kpbs in a few minutes… What was I thinking!? So my current ideea is to switch my subscription plan to 64 kbps and unlimited traffic per month for five more bucks. This way I’ll be able to resume my download addiction. Starting with next month.

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