This winter BLOWS!

Well, compared to the last one when I was praying for more snow to be able to go boarding this winter really sucks. I mean there was no real amount of snow until now and now when there are finally some precipitations of course the temperature has to be 3°C. So… It’s raining. Heavily. And it’s more than ugly outside. It surely looks like the start of spring, not the middle of January.

Lately (last years) the weather has been really fucked up. I mean, there’s winter, then spring starts shyly and then in a week it’s summer! We’re getting accustomed with 20°C temperature climbs or droppings within the interval of a week. Things like this begin to look normal. But they’re not. They’re definitely not.

We’re messing with Mother Nature, now She’s beginning to mess with us… And it’s not a cute thing.

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