Freakin' cats

I don’t know how many times a year cats have their crazy times. But to me it always looks like they never even finished the last one and are starting the next one. Now for example they surely are in season. And since I have three cats I’m burning incense sticks in my room again. And why’s that? Because of the smell of cat piss that comes down from the attic.

The attic! Aka the playground. Or should I say the arena? Because what did I hear all night? Sounds of fights. Sounds of upturned things. Sounds of running around. And of lots of angry meows of course. I should really go and seal down the outside entrance to the attic because this smell is a little overwhelming. A little?

UPDATE: I went up and first unleashed the dog for a short hunt so one of the cats escaped (getting kicked in it’s side when he passed me, as a bonus) and then sealed the entrance. Locking two additional foreign cats up there. Hehe. At least they’ll starve a little and so will have other problems bothering their small minds than pissing all over the place to mark their fuckin’ territory. Gr!

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