It's nice being an associate

Mark the date of April the 9th, 2009. It was the day I first helped Amazon sell a book. I would have blogged earlier about this, but I only checked my Amazon Associates account yesterday night…

You might have noticed that since I relaunched this blog the AdSense ads disappeared although, truth to be told, I was making a few precious cents daily while they were up. However, after a sudden hunch I went to Amazon’s Associates Central and created myself a few manually targeted product referrals for two of my most popular posts: the one with the Nikon D60 PDF manual and the one with the MySQL splitter download (referrals at the bottom of the posts, they’re hard to miss actually). And what do you know, someone bought Nikon D60 for Dummies via my referral link!

Although the aforementioned two posts are my most hit-n-run’d pages (visitors pop in from Google, grab what they want and off they go) and so it’s unlikely that the buyer will be reading this post, I’ll still take a shot in the dark and send out a huge THANK YOU to whoever you are! :-)

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