Nikon D60 User’s Manual PDF

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    i have purchase


    i have purchase?????????, PDF require

  • Amit Banerjee

    Good job.Thanks.Can i use a battery pack or battery grip with D60?

  • priscila

    thanks for posting these files! ; )
    i’m considering this model as my first DSLR camera… what do you think of it? would it be a good purchase? : )

  • Wic

    I’ve just purchased D60 in Holland, and obviously it’s written in Dutch.
    So, thanks Janos, for providing the English manual :)

  • You’re welcome.

  • annielane

    thanks for sharing the manual… maraming salamat (thank you very much in Filipino)

  • Can you recommend a good aftermarket book for the D60? I know there is a ‘Dummies’ book, but I was wondering if it will give me advanced techniques.

  • MR

    Thank you! I put a copy on my memory card… It’s a lot better than traveling around with that book.

  • Thanks for sharing!

  • A Austin-Hoffman

    Thanks for sharing very helpful!!

  • wolfie_nz

    you’ve made my day, i jz got my D60 with jap manual =.=’ , thanks a million for sharing

  • roli

    Thank you very much for sharing this