Backup - Coming to a Mac near me

Good news day.

  1. First and most important: I’ve got a raise. Whooo. A raise is always excellent news.

  2. A replacement arrived for the 400 gig hard drive that flew away to the ethernal bit fields with most of my music archive on it a few months ago. Oh, how happy I was about that incident. Not. I tried to avoid thinking about it as much as I could but these weeks I was in the mood to listen to a specific style of which I had several gigs of MP3s on that drive. Bad luck.

Anyway, back to the good news: I’ll have a spanking new hard drive ready for action! The plan is to put it into my desktop PC bringing the number of drives installed up to three. Hmmm, let’s brag a bit. Desktop PC: 320 GB + 500 GB + 400 GB (the newcomer) = 1,12 TB! Wow. 500 GB Western Digital My Book World Edition that sits near my router tied into the network. Two 80 GB drives of which one is installed into my PlayStation 2 and one is in a portable USB enclosure. The one in the USB enclosure will be used for Time Machine backups from now on… 60 GB hard in my MacBook.

And I remember the moment in the autumn of 1998 when I decided to get a 4 GB hard drive thinking that it’ll last me, like, forever.

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