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Plus lyrics for those (like me) who understand written French better.

Friday evening after a reminder and invitation from a friend we went and attended ‘Très Court’, a short film festival. “Movies” of up to 3 minutes (titles and credits did not count) were presented, most of them funny and some weird and / or artsy. The one above was probably my favorite of the 51 even though I voted for another clip in the respective section. The fest in it’s whole was a lot of fun.

Here are some more favorite shorts I found over the Net: Duel by Antoine Revel-Mouroz, Things fall apart by R. Chiu / C. Hewitt (impressive sound design), My Mum the Wrestler by Mark Withers, Cat man do by Simon Tofield, Butterfly by Stéphane Levallois (very very nice) and Flash by Marco Cohen. Enjoy them while you can (until the video sites decide to pull them, that is).

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