Techno Viking FTW!

Oh boy, our (as in Ioana’s and mine) tummies still hurt for all that laughing. So I thought I’d share…

If you’ve ever been to a rave or have seen a techno parade passing by do check out the Techno Viking, or else! At least I can guarantee a healthy dose of lulz. I even put together a small collection on Pownce for your convenience and to please to almighty Techno Viking: The original Techno Viking candid tape (aka Kneecam), Technoviking Extreme Rave (I lolled hard at this one - those glowsticks…), Techno Viking Chacarron, Techno Viking on Beat It! and lastly here’s a captioned version of the original version so all you mortals can understand what the almighty Thor, err, Techno Viking says and thinks. Of course you can scour YouTube for even more, check out his dedicated tag on and even digg the Techno Viking

Have fun and thanks Adnan for sharing the lulz.

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