The Mac update #1

Hopefully this will be the first of a series written by a recent switcher… :)

I’ve installed the Perian extension for movies right after I reinstalled OSX but the sound was desynchronized in several movies so I got rid of it pretty fast and installed good ol’ VLC instead. In case of problems there’s one more alternative on the list, MPlayer, but for the moment VLC works flawlessly so there’s no reason for another change. I’m missing the sweet QT Player interface, but oh well.

Alex pointed me to an awesome site: iusethis which let’s you specify the applications you use and shows you “neighbors” which are users with the same preferences as yours (à la You can take a peek and see what else they’re using but there’s also a most used applications section which comes in extremely handy for a newborn Mac user. Like me.

To be continued.

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