LCD suggestions anyone?

My Hansol 710D is slowly waving its goodbyes. I bought it a few years ago following a friend’s advice but I wasn’t ever satisfied with this piece of hardware due to the audible noise it makes while displaying bright images and the geometric distortion it exhibits while showing screens containing strong contrast.

I’m eyeing a nineteen inch Samsung as I’m quite satisfied with the 17” model (Samsung 710N) I have in front of my eyes at work, but the big question is which one to get? There’s the 913V, 913N, 940B and the 930BF all in a price range I could, ehem, let’s say afford. Of course I would get the cheapest model but I’m completely lost between all those technical specifications. I understand that the response time has to be as small as possible but what’s the meaning of all those other numbers? I’m typically using my home computer for browsing, programming (in a text editor), watching multimedia (DivX / Xvid / DVD) or live TV via my TV card and occasionally playing some games of varied types (including 3D shooters).

If anyone has any experience with any of these models please provide some feedback. Or recommend any 19” LCD that you’re truly satisfied with. At least I’ll have somebody to blame for making the wrong choice again. :-)

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