Yesterday evening, walking Ioana (as in, Ioana my lovely girlfriend) from my place to her’s we were talking technical stuff and I found out that she’s got an “internal” e-mail address at the bank where she got hired not so long ago, right after finishing her university. “Internal?” I ask. She supposed it is internal but then she tells me that her workmate watches funny videos almost each day. OK, I was convinced, it’s not internal.

So today the mad mail exchanging started. Mails and pictures going, comments coming… I hope her productivity will not plunge drastically and that the mail exchange will not turn out to be problem (because I’m sure that each and every mail I send her ends up in at least one other inbox as well - it’s a bank after all) but still I’m glancing at my mail notification utility each 30 seconds or so. I think I’ll just configure it with some smooth notification sound. Right away.

UPDATE I received a new e-mail! Hehehe. ;-)

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