The short ones

The main page is empty again and I feel guilty about not posting again. So I might as well write something. But in fact there’s not much happening and that’s the main reason why there are no posts. But some small things still go on and I’ll write them down.

I started playing Neverwinter Nights online and it’s a major time eater. I saw Garfield and I liked it but I turned off my brain before sitting down to see it, and I did well because the story is for kids, I mean really small kids, with Garfield stopping trains and such but the computer generated Garfield is very - very nicely done and Bill Murray’s voice acting is right on the spot. Nice movie if you like cats. And I saw 5 Garfield comic books in the library - a must buy.

In the blogworld: Lucian made himself a blog then he made up his mind and unmade it (I’m still full of questions but oh well), Deea moved a lot closer to her favorite site and Kit posted an entry with a link to some hillarious pics with dogs fetching frisbees mid-air.

Oh, and yesterday night I saw The Girl Next Door which was surely one of the most entertaining movies I saw lately. It starts out just like any other other boring teenager movie but then it takes a crazy turn and from that moment on it’s like a crazy rollercoaster ride. Had me laughing out loud a good few times.

And there’s the whole RDS story but I’ll post a separate entry about that.

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