Hello there!!!

Hey John Mayer 7 or John Deere 1979 or whoever, could you please kindly fuck off with your comment spam? If you haven’t noticed yet I’ve got MT3 installed and the comments are moderated. By me. And I swear I’d rather saw off my right index finger than click on the ‘Approve Comment’ button for your shit. Even if you offer free business grants or whatever the fuck. Even if my site is very good in your opinion. Even if you enjoyed it a lot. Even if you were so hooked you spent the whole afternoon and part of the evening on it (God! What other shit can they come up with!?). You can still fuck off. Ah, what? You’re a bot? Whoops! I’ve been talking to a computer script. Damn.

Thank you. Have a nice day.

Posted in: technical.

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