Don't let geeks keep pets

A dog, a robot dog and a cat... Here’s some proof (via a post on Engadget) that cats are a lot smarter than dogs. But really what would you expect? A dog was ‘designed’ to guard the house or help it’s owner in hunting while cats nowadays usually just lay around doing almost nothing except some occasional purring. :-)

I have two little animals of approximately the same age in my parent’s house. A puppy and a kitty. And the difference is very visible in that case too. While the dog is mostly occupied with squeeling to get out of the paper box we keep him in without really succeeding the kitty has a long history of exploring almost every corner of the house including beds and table tops.

Oh and since I’m talking about cats here’s a small video (512kB - DivX 3.1) with my black cat doing some impossible acrobatics while playing with a small ball. It’s so funny I couldn’t help not to laugh while I was recording.

OK. Now let’s get back to work.

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