A week of packages (Part 1 - Threadless)

The two packages

Yup. Packages. Inbound and outbound.

First, Tuesday it was time for me to go and pick up the tees I (we) received from Threadless. It’s a wonder really that they ship to Romania and the prices aren’t high either, not like in some other shops (including Amazon) which even if they have low prices on the items offered, demand a fairly high handling and shipping price. At Threadless this is $5 per t-shirt which is nothing really. And we ordered while the prices of the tees were reduced to $10 instead of $15, so $15 / tee including shipping really isn’t much.

The t-shirts themselves are wonderful. They’re printed on Fruit of the Loom. And the prints are highly original and limited edition.

We (3 friends and myself) ordered 10 tees which came in two packages. I stood in the line for more than half an hour because the Romanian Postal Service’s international package handling is “outstanding” (this means that you can pick up your package once a week in a 3 hour interval, at least here in Baia Mare). But I got there and picked up the two huge envelopes and this time there was no cutting by the customs officer or anything. It seems they trusted me that I haven’t ordered joints… Or maybe they have records and saw that I already received a package from Threadless and it was “clean”.

Personally I got the Follow It girly tee for, well yeah, my girlfriend (it’s her birthday soon!) and the Brainwashed one for myself. Can’t wait for the summer!

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