The madness is almost over

Christmas. As it came so it went. Fast.

I made the tree (I consider this one of the most pleasant jobs I have to do yearly). I gave presents. I received presents. Generally it felt wonderful. Not as on any of the last Christmases, when I was usually really depressed. Well, this is only one of the many advantages of having a girlfriend. ;-)

The end of the whole Christmas thing was marked by a bangin’ party yesterday night. It was DJ Optick at the decks at Baia Mare’s Blu’ Gin Club and the vibe was excellent. More than excellent in fact, it was euphoric… Or at least so it felt to me. Alcohol had it’s share but it was still a great party. He guided us through all kinds of trance, even a few breakbeat tunes and he was very close to the public. No star attitude only a fantastic vibe that got into all of us there. Well, wow!, what a great way to end a great holiday.

But as Christmas went away everybody in my circle of friends turned his attention over to the New Year’s Eve party. Which I hope will turn out nice. But it can’t really turn out bad, because I’m talking about two nights of great music in our favorite club. So it MUST turn out nice. I hope I won’t drink too much on the first night so that I’ll be a waste on the second. But it really depends on the atmosphere there.

Let’s wait and see…

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