CDR quality

I’m paranoid about the quality of some of the CD media I’m purchasing so I was quite happy when I found this page which talks exactly about this. It looks like the TDK CDs I’m buying score well just as my own experience tells me. To properly identify my discs I use Nero InfoTool which is a free download and provides lots more detail than I want to know, but obviously include all the relevant data about my CD writer and the disc that happens to be inserted.

I said that I’m concerned about the quality of some of the media I’m buying because there’s a lot of junk that gathers up on my hard drives which I can’t just throw in the Recycle Bin. So I put burn these on not-so-good CDRs. The results? I usually need something of that junk badly and I can’t read the CDs I myself wrote with my own CD burner… Bad.

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