The price of laziness

Where can my lazyness lead I ask?

Here’s the story. I bought a 40 gig hard drive sometime in the spring of 2002. Because the original 4 gig one I had plus a 6 gig one I “borrowed” from my job were getting dangerously small. I thought then, as I thought in fact when I bought the 4 gig one in the autumn of ‘98, that I’ll never fill it up. But eventually I filled it. And I’m keeping it filled. Because as soon as I write some CDs, new stuff comes and it’s full again. So now I have around 38 - 39 gigs of data laying around waiting to be burned.

And I want to reinstall Windows XP because I have the original XP and I wish to install Service Pack 1. Problem is, my C: partition has 100 megs free of the 3 gigs allocated. And I’m too lazy to delete XP and all the related stuff from DOS (as I want to execute a complete, clean install). Plus my partitions are fragmented as hell… SO, i decided to buy a new disk drive. A Maxtor. Because I had some problems with the Western Digital I have and I don’t really trust WD hard drives anymore. There was a time when it was making these weird “klang-klang” sounds quite often. Some friends told me it’s overheating, and the fact is, it was very hot but I have another theory too. Since I changed my motherboard and got a new, more powerful, powersource the “klangs” stopped. So maybe the old power source was too weak to keep all the stuff inside my ‘puter in good condition.

Conclusion is: I’m looking forward for an 80 gig Maxtor which I hope I’ll never be able to fill (yeah, good joke!) and a new, bigger case, because the one I have can hardly house my new motherboard.

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