We Want Your Soul video

we_want_your_soul.jpgYeah, I found the video for Adam Freeland’s We Want Your Soul so I copied it really fast to a place where I can download it from as I hate streaming media. It’s a really cool one. I haven’t seen many good music videos lately. In fact I haven’t seen any memorable music videos lately. But I’m not watching music tv channels so much anymore. And if I am, I most probably tune in to VH1 which usually broadcasts music which matches my taste at least as long as it comes to music broadcasted by music tv channels.

Lately I listened a lot to the minidiscs I recorded with DuBase’s performance last weekend and I dug up an older mixed CD I got from Seb which slowly grew on me to the point that I like it a lot now and listen to it almost every day. At least parts of it depending on my time. Great job pal! :)

UPDATE The download link is gone since it was generating way to much traffic over at drumandbass.ro and the guys who host the site for free started complaining… Sorry.

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