A Jewish pianist and some zombies

28_days_later.jpg The two movies that stuck in my mind, from the ones I saw recently, were Roman Polanski’s The Pianist which had such an effect on me that I lay in my bed for about an hour after seeing it not being able to sleep but being hunted by those nightmarish images of torture and suffering. It had me thinking days after seeing it. I still can’t imagine how human beings can do and endure such horrors…

The other good one I saw belongs to a rather different genre (science-fiction) and was directed by one of my favorite directors, Danny Boyle. The movie is called 28 Days Later and tells a rather bizarre story about the few survivors of a virus which wiped out most of the population of England. In fact it didn’t wipe them out but transformed them into blood thirsty zombies. A captivating movie all in all.

I do not have so much work these days so I saw lots of movies lately. But only the aforementioned two made me think… For the rest of them I had the necessary amount of popcorn though!

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