Weekend report

An unusual thing happened Saturday. Everything went as planned. And this is a rather unusual thing to happen.

Shortly after posting the last entry I thought I’ll check out my minidisc deck (in fact it’s not mine, I got it from somebody for an unlimited time because it was collecting dust on one of his shelves) see if it’s in good condition. I haven’t unpacked it since a few months. Plugged it in, turned it on, pressed play. Everything went fine. Pressed eject. Disc halfly ejected. Then it went back. Pressed eject again. Half eject. Went back. Pressed eject the third time, grabbed the disc but the device’s motor beat me and pulled the disc out of my hand. Grrr! Looked at the clock, it was 5:50 PM. The wedding was about to start in 10 minutes. And there I was fighting with my minidisc dressed. Screwdriver. Opened it. Figured out what the problem was (something got bent because I carried the deck around in bag packing everything on it). Fixed it. At 6 and a little I was at the place of the wedding. And I was not late.

Everybody slowly arrived. I hardly recognized the guy with short hair. Handshakes. Had two words with him. Then it started. After the first part ended I got home, packed a change clothes (except shoes) and the MD and off I went. I stood until 11:30 at the wedding, realizing that I forgot the shoes, then I excused myself and went to my girlfriend’s house to get the suit off and get the nice clothes on. Got a pair of shoes from her brother (thank God!).

In no time I was at the party place (returning first to grab my camera). Made lots of photos. Recorded everything. Danced around. Talked. Drunk 0 alcohol. Returned home happy in the morning. Slept from 7 AM to 7 PM. Not bad.

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