Of weddings and such

Well, here I am. I woke up at 4 PM after a rather fun night. And now I’m getting ready to go and attend my friend’s wedding.

Obviously things got complicated since my last post on the subject. Of course that I had to find out that one of the coolest Romanian breakbeat DJs is coming to Baia Mare. He’ll spin tonight. The night when I’m supposed to be at the wedding. Why does this have to happen? I mean for more than one year nothing concerning drum’n’bass or breakbeat happens in Baia Mare, and when finally something happens I’m supposed to be at a wedding?

I cooked up a nice battle plan. Involving escaping from the wedding, changing my clothes, getting to the place of the event and recording everything he plays on minidisc (I had a talk with him last night). The hardest part is escaping from the wedding. But I hope I’ll succeed.

Time to get ready!

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