Oscar Bla Bla - Part III

Woaaa!!! Now this was an antiwar speech! It gave me the shivers!!! But somehow I knew this would happen. It was a great speech. He’s got some guts.

And of course that Steve Martin made a joke about it.

Look. There’s Kevin Spacey. Too bad he haven’t done anything worthy this year… Hehe. Shrek found a practical use for the statuette it seems.

“This is his ass, these are my lips. KISS” :-)

Another technical award for Chicago.

Yes Steve, you’re right, Hale Berry is hot.

Adrien Brody… I envy him. That kiss he gave Hale Berry. And taking the statue away from those huge players (Cage, Nicolson, Caine, Day Lewis). Really touching speech. Standing ovation. Fantastic. And I don’t know anything about this guy… I should really fill some knowledge holes.

Music. Eminem? Shit. I don’t like this…

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