Oscar Bla Bla - Part II

Mickey Mouse was great!

It’s so sad that there’s nothing on Daypop.com about the Oscars. It seems that the whole weblog community is concentrating on the war. Fortunately a search on Feedster doesn’t show such sad results…

Best supporting actress, two nominations from Chicago, and… One of them wins, of course. It’s Catherine Zeta-Jones. Who’s pregnant… Wow!

Haha. Alias Wavefront’s Maya… An achievement indeed…

Frida’s music sounds great! (The score I mean.) And Salma “I started as an actress in a soap opera” Hayek looks great!

Sound. I put my tip on Lord of The Rings. Chicago… Whooops.

Sound editing. OK. My tip is again on Lord Of The Rings. Bingo this time! :-)

First anti-war speech.

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