About podcasts and vidcasts

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  • I never got hooked :) I first heard about them a year ago and I browsed for Romanian podcasts. Or “from Romania”. That guy’s voice bored me to death and frankly, I probably never needed to waste THAT much time :))

  • I listen to podcasts, audio or video. I have a few that i’m subscribed to. They are mostly about my profession: news, tips, opinions, trends. The truth is that they could be a waste of time when you are at work, but I prefer listening on my way to work or my way home, when it gets enjoyable. But I don’t see them as a hype. Is like radio/video on demand :)

  • kit

    I do listen to podcasts, not very often though. I subscribed to a few design podcasts [you’ll find what podcasts in this post] and I sometimes listen to them while I walk to my office.