János Rusiczki Well, hello there and thanks for stopping by!

My name is János Rusiczki and this is my personal space on the Internet, but you probably figured this out already. The guy in the blinding red t-shirt posing in the picture on the left is me, you caught that right too. So it would be around time to get down to some lesser known facts:

Birthday: April 17, 1979;
Location: Baia Mare, Romania;
Working as: Freelance web developer – Portofolio

Random things, all about me

Musicwise I prefer electronic music.

I like dogs almost as much as I love cats. I love tea but almost never drink coffee. I replace coffee with Coke or Pepsi when available although I know very well that these are much worse than coffee itself.

I usually enjoy less than usual movies and don’t really like horror, generally violent or just dumb movies. I removed a hefty list of movies and actors from here because I’m really bad at making lists and I’m sure that I’d forget something or someone important. The important thing is that I listen to lots of music (sometimes even while I sleep) and watch as many movies as I can fit in my schedule and am able to put my paws on.

I used to prefer Holsten when it came to beers but nowadays I’m not that sure…

In case you were wondering the picture above was taken by my girlfriend in her grandmother’s living room and I’m wearing a Threadless t-shirt called No More Bento. Oh!? You weren’t? Anyway, now you know.

About the site

Back in the day it was built using Movable Type with lots of customizations and homebrewn scripts. Original color palette help by Meister Adnan. Additional styling help and some header graphics by Luci. The link blog section, when it existed, was powered by delicious via their sweet RSS feed. Buttons on the left were stolen from here and there, but mostly from here. The ‘Cruel World’ section just above the buttons listed commercial sites that I was promoting for various reasons.

Nowadays it’s built upon WordPress with a fairly customized template. You can find more information about the upgrade in this post.

Contact details

Below you can find all the coordinates to contact me. You’ll have no excuse not to: drop me a line by e-mail, call me or send me an instant message via Yahoo! Messenger…

E-Mail: Get my e-mail address
Telephone: +40742493173 (Orange Mobile)