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My last entry about a blogging software switch was called ‘Keeping up with the times’ and I could have called this one the same. Back then, I finally realized that maintaining my Movable Type installation was a pain as I knew next to no Perl but since I was an established PHP developer the migration to Wordpress was a logical step. Now I’m ‘admitting’ that I slowly transitioned to being a Ruby developer so I’m embracing Jekyll.

So what were the other reasons for the switch?

What are the downsides?

Actually the migration began in 2014 when I discovered Jekyll and the majority of the post files were created back then by an import from Wordpress, but they were of sub-par quality with lots of junk in them. So in the last few days I hacked together some Ruby scripts which:

Another point that’s worth mentioning is that the generated pages are ran through jekyll-tidy which turns them into deliciously formatted HTML. This tickles my web developer bone the right way. Go ahead, have a look at the source of a page and wonder at the perfect indentation.

Last but not least, the theme I’m using is a lightly customized Hyde, the about page got some long needed updates and to celebrate the launch the site is now secured with a Let’s Encrypt certificate and is served through HTTP/2.

Here’s to many years of static HTML! :)

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