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Oh yeah, since last Friday I’m a proud smartphone owner. You might even ask what took me so long and you’d be quite right. Well, I considered that I don’t really need a smartphone since 80% of the day I’m sitting in front of the computer but I sort of got the gadget lust after Ioana bought herself a Samsung Galaxy S. She got hers on Tuesday and Friday I had mine. Go figure… I just sat there Thursday night and decided it’s way too nice and good value for the money and that I need one.

Since then I’ve been playing with it constantly, installing and trying out apps, browsing and checking out everything. Proper gadget fever, I haz it.

While browsing around I noticed that some blogs display truly nicely and well optimized for mobile reading. Half of these sites were hosted on Tumblr which seems to auto apply a mobile optimized theme whenever you visit using a mobile browser, and the other half were Wordpress powered blogs using the wptouch plugin / theme.

So I went ahead and installed the same plugin here on my blog so you’ll be able to enjoy the two posts I’ll post this year from your mobile.

And, to be really stylish I posted this present entry using the official Wordpress app for Android.

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