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Friday afternoon I received an invite to try out the beta version of Postmark, a transactional e-mail delivery service from Wildbit, the guys and gals who made Beanstalk and Newsberry. What are transactional e-mails, you might ask? The answer is: e-mails generated by a web application after an user action such as registration, requesting a password reminder, receiving a reply to a comment, etc. The problem me and many developers faced is that sometimes the client’s servers are blacklisted and these e-mails land in the users’ spam folder. This is where Postmark comes to the rescue, hopefully - instead of using the built in mail function of your web development language of choice you issue a call to Postmark which sends out the e-mail from their “well regarded” servers so that hopefully they land in the user’s inbox.

To give something back, I’ve put together a CodeIgniter library for this service. This grants easy integration of Postmark with your CodeIgniter web app: you upload two files, fill in your API key then include the library where needed and send mails away.

Download & credits

The best fork of this library is this one: zackkitzmiller/postmark-codeigniter. You can download the library and contribute as needed on GitHub.

Based on Markus Hedlund’s Postmark class for PHP.


Obsolete: see GitHub.

Usage guide

Obsolete: see GitHub.

If something goes wrong the library and the Postmark service outputs quite user friendly error messages.

Hopefully this will come in handy for some of you.

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