The end of another era

I just uninstalled Winamp.

I’ve been a Winamp user since the autumn of 1998 when I got my first computer but I used it even before that on various friends’ computers. Look how enthusiast I was when Winamp 5 came out back in 2003 after the mess that Winamp 3 turned out to be. However, I had enough. Now when I uninstalled it with Revo Uninstaller I noticed that it left behind not less than 1500 registry entries - which were subsequently deleted - I haven’t even checked the directory size but I guess that I can safely say that 1500 leftover registry entries is bloat. Plus it always insisted on updating and installing stuff I never needed - toolbars, bundled software, you name it. Yep, pure bloatware.

I’ve been having an affair with foobar2000 at my last job, mostly because I had a less powerful computer over there and Winamp was eating up too much of its resources. And now that affair turns into a full blown relationship because as of today foobar2000 becomes my main media player.

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