My 1:46 minutes of fame

Hehe, what a couple of e-mails can do. Oh, fair warning: get your propeller hats on, because this is yet another post about RC.

While listening to the last episode of the InsideHeli podcast, in which they were talking about RC helicopter related terms and definitions I’ve been expecting RC Helicopter Wiki to pop up any moment. After all that’s why I created the site, to have every definition and explanation at a click distance. But they didn’t mention it so I wrote Chris (one of the hosts of the show) about this, he responded with an unneeded apology and what do you know, here’s a snippet of the current episode…


It’s funny how he pronounced my name (it’s Yanosh btw) but I’ll forgive him, since this was a HUGE plug at least from my point of view. There is no visible traffic spike yet, but the show has only been released yesterday night and the US is just waking up around this time…

Anyway, I feel like an Internet superstar yet again.

You can download the full show if you’re that interested. The most interesting part comes up around 18:37. :-)

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