The Helilog - A follow-up to part 1

Because I can’t really call it part 2.

Yesterday I went to the field as planned although during the day we’ve had sort of a storm… However, it was calm when it was time to go home so I stopped at the flying field. And this time I announced everyone I know from the Baia Mare RC gang right from the morning so I wouldn’t be alone.

As I went to the middle of the field the wind picked up again, but I did a very short hover just to warm up. I’m getting used to hovering in slight wind, hehe. Then landed and waited for Sebi who arrived in a short while. After handing over the helicopter for a short inspection / discovery - it was the first time he saw it - I said that I’ll have a short flight to make it worthy for him because he hauled the DSLR with him. Although he protested as he didn’t want to be the cause of a crash I hovered for a short while and you can see the results below. :-)

Afternoon flight

Side view


All photos by Sebastian Pintea who’s videos you can see here and photos here.

And five minutes after these shots we were running from the incoming (dust) storm…

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