Epic feed whoops

It looks like when I moved everything to the root of the site and created the redirects I forgot an essential one: the FEED!

Today I checked my Feedburner account, which by the way is badly messed up since Google half transitioned it, and I noticed that around April the 6th my stats dropped. Upon checking my vanity subscription in Google Reader I noticed that it was stuck at the ‘Goodbye MySpace account’ post which I made just before the transition - and the error message was complaining about not being able to find /blog/index.xml.

WHOOPS!!! I quickly fixed it (created a redirect) and hopefully no one got scared by the avalanche of posts that happened this afternoon. :-)

Edit: Additionally twitterfeed.com was messed up and that’s why the blog post announcements doubled on twitter. It’s too long and technical to explain what was wrong but the important thing is that it’s fixed now.

Posted in: technical, blog history.

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