Careful! Work in progress

Don’t mind me please while I try out some stuff.

I briefly installed the IntenseDebate comment enhancer plug-in only to realize that while I liked the added functionality of threaded comments and the whole shebang of other functionality it brought along, I strongly disliked the fact that from the almighty G’s point of view the comments were not on my blog’s pages. So I uninstalled it to find that the two test comments I added while the plug-in was installed were stored in my local database too. Very nice and userfriendly touch, not the usual lock-in you find around the web. So, the fancy IntenseDebate got replaced with the much simpler Subscribe to Comments plug-in, which, while age old, does its job admirably well.

There won’t be any future Twitter digest posts either. If you wish to see my Twitter activity take a look at the right sidebar, or even better, go to Twitter.

reCAPTCHA showed up again. Why was it needed when I have Akismet activated anyway? Well, I don’t like my spam counter rising - even if every spam gets moderated. It takes a human only 5 additional seconds to solve a CAPTCHA and I haven’t seen one (ONE!) comment spam come through while using reCAPTCHA on the old version of the blog. So I gather that bots are having a real hard time with it.

Oh, and the blog has a logo now. Thanks Alin!

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